Gårdsmiljö, mobilhemsida

Activities outside Sällegården

In the landscape around Sällegården there are a lot of activities and sights to choose from. There is something to suit all ages. In the beautiful Småland countryside there are many lakes with nice baths. For the family of children, a day at Astrid Lindgens World is a must.

Kleva Gruva
In Kleva Mine started to mining of copper already 1691st. The mine had its heyday in the late 1800's when it broke nickel. Today is mine, an exciting display mine with long corridors and deep mine shaft.



Levanders lanthandel & café

The atmospheric store from 1920's of genuine preserved interior remains. Today, the shelves filled with newly made goodies like juice and drink made ​​the old fashioned recipes. You can even sit down in Levander's cafe for a cup of coffee.

Gold panning in Ädelfors

Gold Panning is in a quiet and nice place on the beautiful river. The only thing that can disturb the peace is birdsong, rippling water and the hum of the summer breeze in the trees. There are sun and rain, both of sink sites, barbecue, fire and dining area. When you come here, you will be taken care of one of our instructors - Sweden's most experienced gold miners - who will provide you with all the equipment you need to pan for gold.

Kettilsås - Skiing
Kettilsås is located 8 km south of Vetlanda (road 125). The plant is operated and owned by nonprofit Friluftsfrämjandets local chapter in Vetlanda. There is a cafeteria and a warming hut. You can also rent equipment here, as well as alpine snowboarding.
Here are three slopes for downhill skiing and a "Fun Park" with "Bigjump". Kettilsås have equipment to make artificial snow.

Målilla Moospark

On Målilla Moosepark, you can feed and pet the king of the forest. Here are several enclosures where you can watch moose from very close range. On Mållilla Moosepark, there is a suvenirshop where you can buy you your own boy moose home.



Emil's Katthult
In Katthult you can walk around among the buildings and recognize themselves in both the atmosphere and details of the Emil films.
The main building Katthult, with the flagpole where Ida was hoisted up, is one of Sweden's most photographed house. Emils woodshed is something of the heart of Katthult. Here you can walk in and find Emil's wood figures.

Astrid Lindgren's World

Astrid Lindgren's World is actually many worlds, all in one place. Walking around the park you pass well-known settings such as Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley. Not far away, but in a whole other world, you'll discover Matt's Fort. Walk on and wouldn't you know it, there's Villekulla Cottage. These are all settings taken from Astrid Lindgren's stories.