Gårdsmiljö, mobilhemsida

On Sällegården you can rent our rural cottages. Here you can fish in the lake or use the wood-fired sauna. In our Farmshop you will find cold-pressed apple juice, juice, jam and handicrafts from the farm. Experience the silense in the middle of Astrid Lindgren's Smaland.

Rent a cottage

On Sällegården we have three genuine cottages we rent out. All cottage have modern standard and they are decorated in at typical Smålandish way. The cottages have names from the farm where each one of the cottage has it's own history.

Lake Vrången

Experience one of Småland's most quietest lakes, just 5 km from Sällegården. Fish for pike and perch, or just take a boat trip with the family. Enjoy grilling at the beach.

Wood-fired Sauna

At the Farm Pond is the wood-fired sauna. It will be a great atmosphere in the sauna when the darkness comes and the candles are burning.


Here you can buy cold-pressed apple juice, jam, elderberry drink, egs and handcrafts. Most of it are made at Sällegården .

Sällegården - rental cottages in the middle of Astrid Lindgren's Småland. Welcome with a booking request!
                                                                                                                               Sandra & Mattias